Roll-on Wax Cartridge Depilatory Heater

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Roll-on Wax Cartridge Depilatory Heater

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  • Easy to use
  • Excellent to remove strong hairs
  • Easy to take it anywhere when you travel
  • Can be used both at home and beauty salon,Small and flexible, easy to carry
  • Automatic heating
  • Wax cartridge not included
  • 110V/60Hz/40W
  • Imported
  • 1 Yr Warranty




1.Before use, make sure the skin is absolutely clean. 
2.Insert the wax cartridge into the wax machine. 
3.Plug it in and turn on the power. 
4.Heating the wax machine for about 45-60mins ,and keeping cold for a while once time is over and turn off the power . 
5.Roll the product over skin in the direction that the hair grows in small areas that you want to depilate. 
6.Place the non-woven fabric strip firmly over the waxed area 
7.Tear off the hair-removal paper in the reverse direction that the hair grows. 
8.After hair removal, use the cleanser to clean off any residues the wax may have left behind. 
9.After cleaning,use a moisturizer for the smoothest skin. 


Package Includes: 

1 * Depilatory Heater 
1 * US Cable 
1 * Instruction Manual 




  • Before use, pls make sure the skin is absolutely clean. 
  • This depilatory is suitable filled with wax cartridge in size of : 2 1/8"L x 1 1/8"W x 5 1/2"H(wax volumn:100g/N.W.:3.53oz) 
  • In order to prevent the heaters melting, please turn off the power after melting wax. 
  • please read the instruction manual in detail, and keep it well for reference at any time. If you have any questions, please contact us and email us for inquiry. 
  • It is mini wax heater, for personal use,is not very professional. 
  • Normally it will take 40-60 minutes to melt the wax. 
  • If for whole wax Cartridge,it will take more time.






Wax Cartridge available

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